• Kate Aronoff, MA, LPC

COVID-19 Depression

There's a new strain of depression on the block these days. And it's likely settled in to your household. COVID-19 depression is enjoying quite a heyday, greedily feeding on social isolation, uncertainty about the future, and Netflix binge-watch-a-thons.

It seems like alot of us are having trouble with a sort of brain fog, unable to remember appointments or what day of the week it is. Groundhog Days roll by in a strange sort of time warp - feeling like they pass slowly, but quickly at the same time. Making plans of any sort seems impossible, as there is so much uncertainty in the next year or more.

The social isolation that felt so upsetting at the beginning of the pandemic, now at times brings a certain comfort with it. Even some extraverts have started preferring the calm that comes from having nowhere to go, nobody to see. A Zoom happy hour sounds taxing after a day of working from home. Going out and putting on pants seems like too much work.

And while we're on the subject of did they get so tight? What a harsh reality to transition from leggings to trousers with an actual button! The stress eating and extra time to bake cookies have really done a number on our waistlines.

If you can relate to the new symptoms of COVID-19 depression, you're not alone. And it's totally normal and ok to feel this way during this unprecendented time. That's not to say it couldn't be better. Maybe a professional could help you get some of your mojo back. We are happy to talk. Contact us today for an in-person or online appointment at

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